Soapy Massage Parlors Pattaya Thailand

This sexy massage service is unique to Thailand. You can also indulge in an oil massage at any of these Pattaya massage parlors. Here is our sex massage parlor review.


Massage Girl Selection Hall

Fish Bowl Massage
In this kind of massage the massage girls are seated behind a large floor to ceiling plate glass window. Yu can engage the services of a very pretty masseuse for one, two or three hours. This massage is quite often referred to as the "Gold Fish Bowl" The massage service is in house and well worth sampling if you have never had the soak, slip and slide soapy massage experience. In the sandwich massage, two girls sexually massage you.


Massage Girls

It is a fun to choose a girl in the Thai massage parlor. Just sit and relax for a few minutes and observe the girls seated behind the glass wall. Within a few minutes two or three massage girls will look into your eyes, smiling and using a unique body language to indicate that they are ready to serve you.


Sopy Massage Pattaya

As the manager is well acquainted with the various attributes and skills of the girls, you can just tell him/her your preferences. When you make a decision, the massage parlor attendant, will call the massage girl's number over the speaker (In the gold fish bowl ) and the girl will come out to meet and sit with you. You have a chance to chat for a few minutes or go direct to the massage room. Usually you have to pay the fee before you go to the room with your chosen massage girl.


Sopy Massage

If you decide to enjoy one of such massage your chosen pretty lady will escort you to a appointed room having a large bed with strategically placed mirrors, a bath large enough for two bodies and a single inflated rubber mattress. You can imagine the kind of pleasant massage you will get.


Sopy Massage Pattaya

If choosing the massage girl seems a bit difficult and you are undecided, you may ask the manager/manageress or attendant who will be close by. Each massage girl has a number clipped to her dress so you can indicate to the attendant which girl or girls you would prefer. But don’t make hate. Take your time and enjoy the eye contacts and smiles of the ladies.

Sopy Massage Pattaya

The first round of your massage usually begins in the bath tub where you will have every part of your body thoroughly sponged. Next the girl will invite you to lay on the rubber mattress where she will soap you up again for an experience you will remember for a long time. Enter the "soapy" massage.


Sopy Massage Pattaya

You will be slid over and under by the soapy naked body of the massage girl. Then your soapy suds will be washed off, and she will give you a rub down with a towel. It is time for two of you to adjourn to the bed. What you will next or what the two of you will do is not difficult to explain and it is left to your imagination.



Sopy Massage Pattaya


Dream Teen Massage

Dream Teen Massage

Dream Teen Massage is another sexy massage service worth mentioning and worth visiting. It is on Soi 21 which runs between Third Road and Soi Bukhow. The service is a little different to the Thai soapy massage parlors mentioned above. You could be pleasantly surprised. As the name suggests, most of the girls here are young, generally between 19 and 25 years of age.

At the Dream Teen Massage there is no glass partition (as in gold fish bowl massage). Instead, there is an extensive photo album of the available girls. Just choose one two or even three and in minutes the girls will appear in the reception area.

I am not joking when I say two or three girls. This is called a sandwich massage. Thailand is the spot to make your fantasies come true if you have ever thought about a threesome or sandwiches. Just down load the e-book which we call The Babes Bible and you will find out how easy it is to bring this dream to reality with out even going to a massage parlor. Of course you will have to come to Thailand to enjoy the Thai massage girls..







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