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The women of Thailand are among the most beautiful, sexy, exotic and erotic women in the world!  As so many Thai ladies work at go-go bars, beer bars, blowjob bars or simply freelancing, it is quite easy to find a “boom boom” companion for “short time” or “long time” fun.

Bar Girls Pattaya


However, there are some myths about the Thai bar girls that need to be clarified.

For example…


Half-Truth 1) Thai Bar Girls Are Not Prostitutes

Yes, Thai bar girls are very nice, sweet, fun loving creatures but they spread their legs in order to make $$$. It is wrong to say a woman who works in a sex establishment or freelances to  make $$$ by spreading her legs is not a prostitute..

Bar Girl of Pattaya

Half-Truth 2) Thai Bar Girls Are Looking For A Prince Charming To Rescue Them

Although Thai bar girls are poor, yet they are quite happy living in their beautiful country. The number one priority of Thai bar girls is to take care of themselves and their families. And their only method of taking care of themselves and their families is with $$$.  In addition, Thai bar girls enjoy indulging in their wonderful culture and have no need to find a prince charming as they find their current situation worthy of escaping from.  

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Half-Truth 3) Thai Bar Girls Are Submissive

It would be wrong to say that Thai bar girls are submissive. They are  rather gentle women that like to take care of their men and make sure that their men are happy. In addition, Thai bar girls have learnt that there are a lot of tourists looking for love and therefore, they use their charm, personality and sex appeal to get what they want which is $$$.


Go Go Bar Girls

Half-Truth 4) Thai Bar Girls Like Older Men

Thai women working in bars and other clubs are highly processional. When it comes to $$$, Thai women welcome all kind of men (short, fat bald, ugly, etc.). Many people nourish the false notion that because Thai bar girls are with them because they actually like them. The reality is that the Thai bar girls are simply with them for $$$. However, in addition, Thai bar girls would much rather be seen with a sexy young Foreigner, than with a sweaty old man that can barely get a ‘hardon.’


Bar Girls

Half-Truth 5) Thai Bar Girls Don't Like Thai Men

Entertaining the foreign or local tourists for money is the profession of Thai Bar girls. They work in go-go bars, beer bars and other adult establishment in order to cater to financial needs of themselves or their families. This does not mean that they don’t have their own private or love life. So like other girls, the Thai bar girls too have Thai boyfriends. This should not be surprising simply because a Thai bargirl can relate a lot better to a Thai man, with the same Thai cultural background, than with a male tourist from the west.


Bar girl in Bar of Pattaya

Half-Truth 6) Thai Bar Girls Earn A Lot Of Money

As the Thai bar girls may work 6 days a week sometimes year round with few breaks in between, it seems that they make a lot of money. However, the truth is other way round. In fact, the little money Thai bar girls do make goes to pay for their personal expenses and the rest is sent to their families for support.

Dance Girl of Pattaya

Half-Truth 7) Thai Bar Girls don’t like working in a Beer Bar/Go-Go Bar

In fact, the opposite of this is true. The Thai bar girls do enjoy working in a beer bar/go-go bar simply because many of them have friends and cousins that work at a beer bar/go-go bar. In addition, working in such establishments gives Thai bar girls the opportunity to have some fun (drink, meet foreigners and party) and enjoy breaks from  their routine lives.

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Half-Truth 8) Thai Bar Girls love foreigners

Yes, the Thai bar girls love foreigners, but it is generally not an emotional or erotic attachment. The Thai bar girls have rather learned to accept that the foreigners come to their precious country for Intoxication and sexual vacations. One thing is for sure, Thai bar girls love foreigners $$$.

Sex Show at Pattaya

Half-Truth 9) Thai Bar Girls are loyal to their men

As already said the Thai Bar Girls are professional and have to deal with a number of persons from day to day. In such conditions, the question of loyalty to their acustomers does not arise. Thai bar girls work in a go-go bar, beer bar, blowjob bar or freelance not because they want to but because they need $$$. So even though a Thai bargirl may meet someone she likes, there will always be new opportunities (new foreigner customers) she will come across that will provide her with more $$$.


Half-Truth 10) Thai Bar Girls are not educated

Although Thai bar girls may not have had the educational opportunities equal to the girls in the west have received, yet they are a lot smarter than your average male tourist. It is a fact that,  Thai bar girls are street smart, learn the tricks of the business of working in a beer bar/go-go bar and use their sex appeal to get as much $$$ from several male tourists all the while remaining the sweet, beautiful, loyal, submissive uneducated females every male tourist believes they are.








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